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Holiday Debt Consolidation - Is It Time? 

Every year around this time the holiday bills come sailing into our mailboxes. For many of us the panic starts to set in as we scramble to find a way to make ends meet. As debt levels and bankruptcies have risen, the number of Canadians living pay cheque to pay cheque has been on the rise as well. When you add in the strain from the holiday bills it offers up little more than sleepless nights. Here are a few signs you might need some help. 1. You are maxed out. You have used more than 70 per cent of your available credit limit. 2.You’re only able to pay your minimum payment and maybe you have had to use one credit card to pay off another. 3. Credit card companies are calling demanding a payment that you aren’t able to make and you avoid answering the phone or opening the mail. Do you need to take the pressure of post holidays bills off? Do you own your own house? Give me a call to day to find out how I can help you take a load off your plate so you can sleep better.

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